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 Guild Charter

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PostSubject: Guild Charter   Wed Apr 16, 2008 12:41 pm

These are the terms all members have to agree with and follow in order to stay in the guild.

These written terms must be upheld and followed by all guild members without any exceptions or without a need of being reminded under the penalty of being removed from the guild.

Agreeing to terms written under, a commitment is made to other guild members and officers where you will play in order with a good name of the guild and comply with following:

1. Every member is a representative to the guild and must show a level of conduct as such at all times.

2. No spamming or getting involved in doubtfully or inappropriately discussions on realm forums is allowed.

3. Absolutely no spamming chat channels in-game or acting rudely towards other players.

4. As an active member of the guild you should and in some cases you must participate in the guild’s forum community where members have, of course, full access.

5. Players must take their main character as a prio and cannot play alts until they have all reputations and rewards that are needed done. Same rule stands for the raid preparation.

6. Players’ specs must reflect the maximum raid performance. The spec player joined the guild with is taken as his/her main specialization. All off-specs must be approved and consequently agreed by the guild.

7. Players must attend at least 2 of 4 raids each week in order to stay in the guild.

8. Players must sign-up for all raids they want to attend (via sign-up page).

9. If a player cannot sign-up or attend a raid from various reasons, e.g. RL stuff, the Guild Master or any of the officers must be informed.

10. There is a dkp system the guild uses for raids. We are using quite specific system. The system itself is modified on dkp site.

11. Players must be prepared for raids with no excuses or exceptions. The preparation itself includes:

a. Players must bring enough reagents and stuff needed for particular classes (warlocks enough shards etc.).
b. Players must farm and bring enough healing/mana pots, bandages, food and 2 flasks for each raid (depends on particular class again). Except the emergency cases the guild bank will not provide these.
c. Players must read the boss tactics for each and every fight so they have clear understanding of what the fights bring with themselves before the raid gets to the fight.
d. All players must show full focus and concentration during the raids. There is no afking, unreasonable talking or asking about things at a sensible time allowed during the raids unless the Raid Leader says different.

12. Players must discuss every fight involving buffing and other stuff just during combat amongst the class/healer channels and have it all clear between themselves. All must be sorted before the pull itself is made. Any player’s slacking is inadmissible.

13. Players must have the required addons for raids installed and having them up-to-date in raids. The required addons as well as the recommended ones are written on forums.

14. Players must be logged on guild’s teamspeak server during the raids unless the Raid Leader says different. Server is always running for members’ purposes and open discussions not only during the raids (switching to Ventrillo server is possible in the near future as well). In-game voice chat is being used only in emergency cases.

15. If a player needs to leave the raid before its scheduled end, he/she must give an adequate reason and warning and for that get a replacement for him/her if possible.

16. There is trial period for every newly recruited player which lasts around 3-4 weeks. Exceptions of faster access to membership are possible. These are mostly according to special player’s nature like close relationships with members or exceptional playing skill.

17. Guild’s ranks are based on players’ activity, raid performance and overall level of conduct.
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Guild Charter
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